Introducing SportServ Bring the game to your ads!


  • Use the game’s outcome to relate to still engaged fans

  • Select proper creative message for winning or losing fans

  • Generate and serve coupons in market based on outcome

  • Player stats for Fantasy Recaps "sponsored by…”

  • Dynamic schedule reminders for fans to tune in or attend the next game

  • Gameparting™ is a new way to target in the context of sports around live game events

  • Real time game events served dynamically

  • Creative reacts with the game… live!

  • Media syncs with pre-defined conditions

  • Targeting is precise fit to local fan base

  • Combine live data with fans emotions and connect with a message on P.A.R. (more personal, anticipated, relevant)

  • Demo shows live countdown (SportServ) and real-time ticket prices (SeatGeek API integration)

  • Ideal for team and league marketing and promotions

  • Timely opportunities for QSR, beverage, services industries

  • Geo-fence narrows as game time approaches

Live data by Sportradar

FanServ and Sportradar Engage Fans When it Matters Most

Irvine and Minneapolis - June 21, 2016

New SportServ platform relies on real-time game events to trigger creative advertising with optimal impact

FanServ and Sportradar, the leading provider of sports data services globally, announced today a collaboration that will dramatically enhance the impact of sports advertising. The first-of-its-kind ad platform, SportServ, combines Sportradar’s real-time sports data and contextual updates directly with digital display and video advertisements. As a result, advertisers can now tailor their message and target their delivery as the action unfolds.

SportServ’s patent-pending technology delivers real-time “gameparting” or targeting. This allows clients to run a campaign during a specific part of game or based on a unique threshold event created by the merging of live game feeds with advertising technology standards for multiple users, on all digital platforms and all creative formats. These dynamic gameparted ads are served from a fully scalable platform based on a combination of audience data, live sports, and any additional desired third party data feeds.

“SportServ brings the game to your ads by combining Sportradar’s incredible real-time stats coverage, play-by-play and, game results with our proprietary take on sports ad tech….including specific fan, stadium and event targeting that affords brands the opportunity to engage audiences when they are the most fanatical,” said Brad Friedman, CEO and co-Founder at FanServ. “We think of it as the advertisers’ seat at the bar, where they can join in on the fan's conversation with messaging that is both timely and relevant. We know that all sports are local and that fan engagement spikes correlate directly with live game action.”

“With SportServ, advertisers can more effectively control the content of their messaging. This alliance allows both brands and publishers to sync creative to live game action and target delivery based on live events and location like they’ve never been able to before,” said Benn Gurton, Business Development, US at Sportradar. “At the most exciting moments of any game, whether Stephen Curry is going off from beyond the arc or Tom Brady is picking apart a defense, SportServ will allow brands to connect with consumers.”

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About FanServ

FanServ is provider of the patent-pending SportServ live ad platform, bringing the game to your ads. The Irvine, California-based firm is a subsidiary of B3 Connect, a pioneer in the branded-sports app industry, founded in 2009. The company created the first, official revenue-generating branded-sports apps for teams in the NHL and the NBA.

FanServ is an expert at monetizing fan engagement. Its ad platform gives advertisers a 24/7 touchpoint with their favorite fans, and provides brands with the only avenue for marketing with game events in real-time.

About Sportradar

Sportradar is the leading provider of sports data and information globally, covering over 350,000 live events across 48 sports. Sportradar has developed the industry’s most proficient software, distributing content and data that is easy to consume while setting new standards for speed and accuracy. Turner Media, Twitter and Samsung are among the leading companies in sports and digital media relying on Sportradar for innovative content, comprehensive applications and product development. Exclusive agreements with the NFL, NHL, International Tennis Federation and NASCAR are among its 65 worldwide league and federation partnerships. The firm’s U.S. Advisory Board includes Ted Leonsis, Mark Cuban and Michael Jordan. Sportradar was recently named a finalist by Sports Business Journal in the category of Sports Breakthrough of the Year for its annual Sports Business Awards. Learn more at

SportServ vs. ESPN Live Connect

Features ESPN Live Connect SportServ
First Party Data (know the sports, teams, players you follow) x x
Connect advertisers and consumers via emotional connection of sports x x
Serve ads based on the outcome of games and events x x
Serve ads based on sheduled upcoming games to specific markets/fans x
Uses real-time game events to trigger dynamic creative advertising x
Use real-time game events to trigger media delivery x
Creative optimization for any size display and video x
Work with any publisher and ad server x
Serve ads across all platforms and devices x x
Additional 3rd party data integrations (i.e. SeatGeek real time ticket prices) x
Upload 1,000s of creative units with trafficking nightmare x
Streamlined and less cumbersome campaign delivery x


Brad Friedman
Nick Stamm